Brew Review #6


Shipyard Monkey Fist IPA

Bottled on 5/17/2016 (is that right? Chain grocery stores can be tricky). ABV 6.9% IBUs 65

Color: Amber, Carbonated, Thin Head

Smell: Carmel (Malty)

Taste: Bitter, Nutty, Malty Heavy Body

Aftermath: Dry Mouth, Sweet Bite

Experience: This beer reminded me more of a Pale Ale than an IPA. It had more characteristics of a Pale Ale. Wasn’t very hoppy. As I drank it more it enjoyed it less and less. Towards the bottom of the glass, the beer seemed to go flat. I don’t know if this was cause I just didn’t like the beer or the date on the bottle showed it was a year old. Not sure just wasn’t my jam. Grade 2/5.


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