Brew Review #10


Knee Deep Brewing Co. Midnight Hoppiness (Imperial Black Rye IPA) 

Bottled. No Date. ABV 9.5% IBUs 100

Color: Black, Finger Width Head (Rootbeer Float)

Smell: Carmel, Coffee, Sweet

Taste: Cola, Coffee, Light Body

Aftermath: Slight Bitterness, More Coffee

Experience: It does not seem like a beer with 100 IBUs because the hoppiness is very light. This beer had more stout characteristics than an IPA. I did not get a lot of rye from the beer but could have been the sweetness of the beer. Overall, this beer was very enjoyable and right up my alley! Again, I feel this taste more like an Imperial Stout than IPA but still very good beer. Grade 4.2/5.


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