Beer Education


I know I know Ballast Point sold out. But, I am too new to this game that I am not going to pass up on good beer, second, this is a time I get to educate the crew about beers that we carry at work. I understand why people are upset when small microbreweries sell out and I support that opinion. If I am in the store to buy beer I would pick a smaller brewery over a big name (sold out) brewery. Does that make everyone feel better? Ha!

Okay, enough of that. These beers were delicious and the crew really opened up to these different IPAs. We paired this beer with Camozola cheese. I have been having a lot of fun pairing different beers with food (stepping up the game!).

Beer Tasted:

Ballast Point Mango Even Keel Session IPA w/ Mango
ABV 3.8% IBUs 40
Notes: I explained this beer to be the beer you want to do yard work on a hot day when you need to get things done and have something tasty at the same time. Mango and citrus on the nose, dry hop through the tongue and of course mango flavors.

Ballast Point Sculpin IPA
ABV 7% IBUs 70
Notes: This is their signature IPA. Overall good IPA (but not my favorite, sorry).

Ballast Point Grapefruit Sculpin IPA
ABV 7% IBUs 70
Notes: This is their Sculpin IPA with grapefruit. I think this beer is better than the Sculpin but that is because I enjoy grapefruit, blood orange, etc. IPAs a lot. I wish the grapefruit was just a little stronger, but I enjoyed.

Ballast Point Manta Ray DIPA
ABV 8.5% IBUs 70
Notes: Now this is my type of IPA. It was danky, hoppy and tropical aromas. I could drink this beer all day. I will have to buy another bottle soon and do a brew review on it.

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