Brew Review #13


Clown Shoes Space Cake DIPA 

Bottled on 3/15/17 ( the day before my 30th birthday! Reviewed on 7/9/17). ABV 9%

Color: Hazy, Amber Gold, Finger Width Head, Soapy Head

Smell: Mango, Carmel (Malt)

Taste: Candy, Bitter

Aftermath: Dry

Experience: I was really nervous at first to try this beer because the bottle date was 4 months ago and the general rule is 90 days. But then I thought to myself before I knew more about beer I never paid attention the dates and what they meant and still enjoyed the beers. So I dove into the review; glad I did! This beer was very good and the flavor profile was so unique and new to me. Enjoyed every sip and want to try a bottle with a date within the 90-day rule to compare. Cheers! Grade 4.8/5.

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