Brew Review #14


Tioga-Sequoia Jungle Juice West Coast IPA (Art Hop Series)

Canned on 7/6/17 (Reviewed on 7/10/17). ABV 7.5%

Color: Hazy, Amber, Half Finger Width Head

Smell: Mango, Papaya

Taste: Hop Up Front, Pineapple, Bitterness (Bite)

Aftermath: Dry, Tart on Back

Experience: The name suggests New England style IPA but it also says West Coast IPA so I was interested to see what I was about to experience. The nose was very fruit forward and amazing. When I drank it I got nothing but hops, slight fruit. It was definitely a West Coast IPA. I have talked about Tioga-Sequoia being the first IPA I enjoyed (General Sherman) and I think they should make this one an all year beer for them or I will just have to try and get my hands on some more. I savored every sip of this beer. Grade 4.8/5.

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