Brew Review #16


Riley’s Brewery Hammered IPA  (New England Style) 

Growler (Filled 7/11/17, the first day released). ABV 9.5% IBUs 80

Color: Hazy, Half a Finger Width Head, Amber

Smell: Pineapple, Citrus

Taste: Mango, Hoppy, Light Body, Guava 

Aftermath: Sweet, Alcohol

Experience: Found out the day of that Riley’s Brew Pub was doing a meet and greet with one of their brewers and releasing this new IPA. Always enjoy events like this especially if I can enjoy with friends and family. My wife and I met my dad for this event (teaching him more about craft beer and my wife loves craft beer). We had a few of their beers and small samples of others while we waited for the event to start. I tried their XPA (Extra Pale Ale), Session IPA, and their other IPA before trying their new release. Overall, the beers were okay and some lacked a few things that I personally enjoy but the food is amazing and the atmosphere is cool. The new released IPA had a great nose and the taste was completely different but overall good IPA. Picked up a growler to review at home. Grade 3.8/5.



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