Using Resoures

IMG_4005As I am learning how to taste beer more and more I use different resources like books, different websites, and other beer reviews. I read about what to look for when beer tasting, I listen to how other people describe beers and if I am not sure about something, I look it up. My favorite way to learn is to sit down and try beers with other people and listen to what they see, smell, taste, etc.

It is crazy to think that beer tasting can be so much fun and this culture is so alive. I get so excited to talk to other people about new releases or beers I have tried. I have always enjoyed wine and we did wine tastings at work and I always enjoyed those days. Everyone sitting around talking about the wine and the food that was paired with it. Now, I have the opportunity to do the same just with beer and it is awesome to see people talk about the beer, what they like or don’t like and introduce people to great beer.

Check out the resource page for some great books, podcast, etc. Leave some feedback what resources you use to help with your beer knowledge.

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