Is Cider a Beer?


We changed it up at work for crew tasting today. One, we are slowly running out of new beers to try (a few new opportunity beers coming next week from Mission Brewing, Coronado Brewing and Mission Street), second I wanted to try something new that I never had adventured into, ciders.

Soooooooo…is cider a beer? I looked it up and it said it is not quite a beer and not quite a wine. The process of making a cider is similar to a beer and it is made with fruit. I may be wrong with this but that is what I read when looking up more information. Either way, it was fun to try something completely new to my pallet.

Beers (Ciders) Tasted: 

Brooks Dry Cider
ABV 6%
Notes: Crisp and easy to drink. Light body with a little sweetness at the end. Not bad for my first cider.

Blackthorn Hard Cider
ABV 6%
Notes: This beer had a taste of cooked apples in an apple pie. Not the warm apple pie, but the pie that has been sitting out for a bit and just the apple in the pie. Well, I got a little crust taste too.

Dan Armor Cidre Poire (Pear Cider)
ABV 4.5%
Notes: Smelled like dirty socks. Tasted like dried fruit (ones that we carry). I did not, not like, but did not know what to compare too. It was okay.

Dan Armor Cuvee Speciale Cidre Brut
ABV 5%
Notes: It smelt like a fart. Straight up! Ummmmm….I did not know much about this cider. It just smelled off and tasted off but could be the Champagne yeast they added.

So this was new and unique. The crew did enjoy that we did something new and adventured off. Favorites were the Blackthorn and Brooks. We all felt the same about the last two ciders. We just were not sure what to think. But overall good times, good conversation and good experiences.


One thought on “Is Cider a Beer?

  1. Hi! You got an interesting mix of ciders there. The Dan Armor apple cider is actually one of my favorites, and an excellent value to get an imported French cider for $5 from Trader Joe’s. It has a touch of funk, so that may be what you smelled; letting it air a bit between opening and pouring can help.

    Cider is much more similar to wine than beer, as it is only fermented fruit juice (no heat involved). Actually, the term “wine” includes any beverage from fermented fruit juice, not just grape, so sometimes cider is called “apple wine” (especially when it is a higher ABV). Therefore it is inaccurate to refer to a cider as a beer; I’d just call it cider.

    Also, if you want to get technical, the Dan Armor Poire is a perry, as it is made only from pears, no apples. “Poire” in French means “pear”. In the U.S. at least, pear cider is when you have cider made from apples then add a bit of pear juice for flavor, and perry is when it is 100% pears.


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