Brew Review #29


Hangar 24 Iconic DIPA 

Draft (Mad Duck Craft Brewing Co.). ABV 9% IBUs 118

Color: Hazy, Amber

Smell: Carmel, Nutty

Taste: Sweet, Carmel, Hazelnut, Stout Characteristics

Aftermath: Smooth, Heavy Body, Alcohol

Experience: I was excited to try this beer and I love beer in tulip glasses. I knew it was “high” ABV but was excited to try it. The nose on this beer fooled me when I tasted it and that is always unpleasant when the nose is yummy but the beer is just okay. I have had other beers from this brewery that are good but this time it was just okay. Again, I don’t know if it was the tap. This makes me think maybe not to do reviews at restaurants. This was a very heavy beer. I did not know the IBUs until after I drank the beer but I did not get that much bitterness from it. I will have to try again from a bottle or can. Grade 3.4/5.

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