Brew Review #34


Mission Brewery Mandarin IPA 

Bottled. No Date. ABV 5%

Color: Hazy, Tangerine Juice, Finger Width Head

Smell: Orange Peel, Slight Malt, Hops

Taste: Tangerine, Sweet, Light Body

Aftermath: Hoppy, Dry Mouth

Experience: This is the second special release that I got from this brewery at work. The first one was a green tea something and was very unique but good (there is a photo on Instagram). Really good IPA that I needed tonight a low ABV so I can just enjoy and not have it send me over the edge. It was cool to see that after I made my notes I looked at the back of the bottle and what I tasted was the notes I should have tasted. Not saying my palate is great but getting better. Still, some things I am not sure how to describe or know what I am tasting. But that is part of this process. Grade 4.8/5.

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