Brew Review #35


Dust Bowl Brewing Co. Canal Surfer Grapefruit Citrus IPA 

Bottled on 5/24/17 (reviewed 8/1/17). ABV 7.3% IBUs 75

Color: Hazy, Amber, Finger Width Head

Smell: Malty, Slight Grapefruit

Taste: Sour, Light Body, Malty

Aftermath: Dry Mouth, Hints of Grapefruit, Slight Citrus (Sour Taste?)

Experience: I have had a handful of beers from this brewery. I would consider it a “local” brewery even though it is over an hour away from Fresno. I was looking for a beer to review and the label caught my eye. I thought grapefruit IPA, I am in! I really enjoy grapefruit and blood orange in my IPAs. I think they are a great balance within the beer. I was excited to try this beer as I said before I have had many of their beers and they are awesome. The minute I smelled this beer and got malt on the nose I was not happy. I don’t know if it was because the beer was “older” or because of the ABV is higher than the alcohol taste is more malt. Not sure. My experience when I smell malt I end up not liking the beer. I was correct. I wanted more flavor or hops or something from this beer. I got the dryness I like from IPAs but that was about it. Grade 3.2/5.

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