Brew Review #37


This is a unique brew review! On national IPA day, I tried Summer IPA from Pine & Palm Brewery in three different glassware to see how the beer changes due to the glassware. I used a tulip or bulb glass, a teku glass and an IPA glass (which I have not yet found to be a great glass for IPAs, just my opinion). Below will be a side by side comparison of the glasses.

Pine & Palm Brewing Summer IPA

Crowler. ABV 7.5%





COLOR Amber, Carbonated, Clear, Clean, Finger Width Head Amber, Carbonated, Clear, Clean, Finger Width Head Amber, Carbonated, Clear, Clean, Finger Width Head
SMELL Slight Dank, Slight Tropical Fruits Tropical Fruits, Candy More Freshness, Slight Dank, Tropical Fruits
TASTE Asparagus (I don’t think that is the taste but can’t figure out what hop to compare too), Hoppy, Hints of Citrus Earthy, Not as Dry, Citrus Earthy, Citrus
AFTERMATH Dry, Smooth, Pucker Dry, Sour Dry Mouth, Pucker

In the end, I am a fan of either the Teku or Tulip glass for IPAs (and probably all beers). I think the open top vs. narrow really allows for the aromas to come out vs. being for toned in experienced. Also, I do not like how the beer sits in the funnel at the bottom of the IPA glass. I know that top (and way more educated) breweries invented this glass and maybe in the future when I become more educated about beer my mindset will change. This was a fun experience. Second, crowlers are tough and a huge commitment when you are drinking it a lone because you can not seal it back up. Sometimes I just want a glass or two of beer, not like six or seven (haha). Sometimes the 22oz bombers are getting too much when I do reviews (sometimes not). I wish I could find more 16oz cans in Fresno. Grade 4.8/5.

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