Brew Review #39


Drake’s Brewing Company Denogginizer Imperial IPA 

Bottled 6/13/17 (reviewed 8/6/17). ABV 9.75%, IBUs 90

Color: Amber, Finger Width Head

Smell: Malty, Citrus

Taste: Malty, Nutty, Alcohol, Carmel, Heavy Body

Aftermath: Sweet, Piney

Experience: When I was new to the craft beer scene I was younger and went for the higher ABV beers and “liked” them. Probably because my goal was to get hammered when I was younger even though I liked craft beers. Now, not so much. I mean I will drink high ABV beers but that is not my goal. If they are high then they are high, if they are low then they are low. I have noticed more and more as I drink good beers and have had higher ABV beers that I seem to like them less and less because of the malt backbone in the beer. I have never been a huge fan of strong malty beers and that is why I am not a fan of a lot of German style beers. Doesn’t mean I will not try them to appreciate the craft but not my first choice. As I drank more and more, different flavors came out and I enjoyed a little more. Grade 4.4/5.

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