Brew Review #49


Agaisnt the Grain Brewery Rico Sauvin DIPA 

Canned. Not Date. ABV 8.2%

Color: Amber, Hazy, Finger and Half Head

Smell: Citrus, Malt

Taste: Sweet, Malty

Aftermath: Candy, Bready

Experience: Again, another can buy. And again, I smelt malt on the nose. And guess what I got. A non-hoppy, malty, flat beer. I don’t know how old this beer is but I am so effing tired of malty IPA beers. This is my opinion. I want it juicy or I want so much hops that I need to chew on that shit. I want hoppy, dank, citrus, fruit, light body, no malt (noticed on the palate) IPA. Can you all help me out where I can get this type of IPA? Grade 3.6/5.

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