Brew Review #59


Alpine Beer Company Duet IPA

Bottled. Best by 11/5/17 (reviewed 8/20/17). ABV 7%

Appearance: Slight Hazy, Amber. Half finger of thin soapy head.

Aroma: Pine, Malt

Palate: Malty, Sweet, Medium Body

Finish: Smooth, Slight Orange Peel

Experience: This was my first Alpine beer and I was excited to try it because of the hype that this brewery gets. I was not a fan of this beer and I don’t know if it was this specific IPA or possible a bad batch. This beer was all malt and I knew it once I smelled the beer. It was not terrible just wanted a little more after all the hype. I will have to try more from Alpine to see if I just had a bad batch. It did get a little better as it sat out and warmed up a bit. Grade 4.2/5.

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