Beer Review #74

Almanac Beer Co. & Bare Bottle Beer Co. Simian Squad Hazy DIPA

Canned. No Date Recorded. ABV 8%

Appearance: Hazy, Golden, Finger-width of a tight soapy head

Aroma: Tangerine, Candy

Palate: Tangerine, Orange Zest/Peel

Finish: Dry, Slight Hoppy

Experience: This was such a unique beer. I was excited to see Almanac and Bare Bottle collab on this beer and the can art was fire. My first few sips I was hit was so much tangerine, I almost thought it was a sour. I had to look at the can. Brewed with lime, tamarind, pineapple, coconut, and spices. What a combo and unique profile. Definitely would want to try again not during a beer tasting night to see if my palate would have changed on this beer. Score: 4/5.

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