Thank you for following Craft By Nature Beer Review! The purpose of this blog is to share my passion for craft beer with you. I am not an expert but I enjoy craft beer and I want share my experience with you.

I have been into craft beer since 2010 but most recently decided to take a deliberate approach to tasting craft beer. In the beginning, I enjoyed meeting with friends for beers. We would sit around and laugh, have a meaningful conversation, give advice to one another, and talk about the beer we were drinking.

And that is as far as our beer knowledge would go. After we talked about the beer we never recorded anything to have a record of what beers we drank. This is where I wanted to take a deliberate approach and write down what I see, smell, taste, etc. I will use different books and resources to help with my knowledge and palate.

This blog is to help with my personal knowledge of beer and to share with everyone what I think about the beers I try, breweries I visit, memories I have, and share different resources.

My terminology may be different than others but this is my perception of the beers I taste. Each review will cover Color (Appearance), Smells (Aroma), Taste (Palate), Aftermath (Finish), and (Overall) Experience and a Grade. You will see this format begin with Brew Review #56.

Enjoy! Contact me for anything (advice, resources, comments, shout-outs, and trades!).

My Introduction to Craft Beer

In the beginning, I did not like craft beer. My pallet was not mature enough to truly enjoy everything beer has to offer. I wanted a cheap lake beer like Coors Light, Rolling Rock, Tecate, Corona, etc. I was truly introduced to craft beer by my good friend Jeremy in grad school. He invited a few friends over for a beer tasting and he went all out. He probably had over 50 beers that he got from all over the world and many different styles. We went around one by one and he talked about each beer’s background, tasting notes, etc.

The beer that sparked my interest to learn more about craft beer was Rogue Hazelnut Nectar Brown. As I got more and more into craft beer I was still only a fan of Browns, Amber Ales, Porters, and Stouts. I did not like hoppy beers (yet) because my pallet was still maturing.


As my passion grew and my pallet matured I started drifting away from Browns, Ambers Ales, and started wanting more punch, more hops! I was introduced to Pale Ales from Sierra Nevada (still one of my favorite Pale Ales) and was interested in more hops, bitterness, and way less maltiness. The first IPA that I fell in love with was Tioga-Sequoia General Sherman IPA.


Today, I am a fan of Porters, Stouts (Bourbon Barrel Aged, Imperial), Sours, Gose, Pale Ales, IPLs, and IPAs (DIPA, Imperial, Juicy, Hazy, Dank, Hoppy). I am biased and don’t try a lot of beers outside these styles. I will try and appreciate the beer for what it is but just don’t enjoy as much as I use too.

My Journey through Craft Beer

I talked about it before, I wanted to take a deliberate approach to craft beer and develop my craft beer knowledge and tasting abilities. This blog is to share my passion for craft beer and for you all to watch my progress through this journey. I have lots to learn and lots of more beer to try!

What Craft Beer Means to Me 

Drinking beer can be associated with dumb actions, but not here. Drinking beer represents an opportunity to be present in the moment, to experience gratitude for the good in our lives, and to share ideas and experiences with others. Finding a new brew represents a chance to see another adaptation of the category of beer. Furthermore, a new beer represents a new experience. A chance to share in this and create bonds with others. A “Cheers!” isn’t something said, rather it represents thanks for our lives and those good people we have around us. -Jeremy, Lift N Brews

This says it all. Craft beer has brought so many great memories with friends, love ones, and family.

Beer Runs through the Blood

I was having dinner with my wife, my dad, and my aunt at Yardhouse one night, and while my wife and I were enjoying a flight of new beers my dad made the comment about how much we (my wife and I) love craft beer. We excitedly replied yes! And that’s when I learned that beer runs in the family. I was told about my great grandfather, Gustav (Gus) Hodel, a German brewer (who eventually moved to America). I knew it! Beer runs through these veins.

Gus Hodel portrait

Check out this link to learn more about my great grandfather.