Brew Review #50


Hi-Wire Brewing Gose

Canned on 7/11/17 (reviewed 8/22/17). ABV 4.3%

Color: Hazy, Gold

Smell: Guava, Tart Candy

Taste: Guava, Tart Juice, Tropical Fruit

Aftermath: Salt, Creamy, Taffy

Experience: This beer was really really good. Starting to enjoy Gose style beers more and more. This is a great beer on a hot day. The finishing flavors are so complex and enjoyable. This was also my first beer from Hi-Wire. I will keep a look out for other beers that they make. Grade 4.8/5.

Brew Review #3


Modern Times Fruitlands (Sour • Tropical Fruit Gose) 

Canned on 05/02/17 (Today’s Date 06/26/17). ABV 4.8%

Color: Hazy, Gold, Thin Head

Smell: Passionfruit, Sour Apple, Stank (after time)

Taste: Sour (but light), Wheat Backbone, Guava

Aftermath: Smooth

Experience: Not as sour as other Gose I have had but very enjoyable. Great summer beer when it is hot out and it has been hot all week (104-107°)! Really enjoyed this beer and glad we got it at work. Grade 4.2/5.