Beer Review #80

Humble Sea Brewing Co. Hop Fusion 2.0 Foggy DIPA

Canned. ABV 8.6%

Appearance: Hazy, Orange Juice

Aroma: Dank, Slight Orange Zest

Palate: Orange Peel, Grassy

Finish: Dank, Slight Dryness (from Hops)

Experience: This was a good night of beer drinking. I was enjoying back to back great beers. Humble Sea never disappoints. This beer was in your face, dry and Dank with a well balance juice profile. Score: 5/5!

Beer Review #79

BARE Bottle Brewing Co. Amarillo Dust New England IPA

Canned. ABV 6.8%

Appearance: Hazy, Orange Juice, Half a finger of soapy head

Aroma: Oranges, Stone Fruits, Guava, Slight Dank

Palate: Orange Zest

Finish: Juice, Slight Dryness (from Hops)

Experience: I really enjoy BARE Bottle but it’s harder to find in town so when I get a chance to find it I get excited. Last BARE Bottle I got was a disappointed only because something must have happened to the beer I got because it was flat. This time around it was not a disappointed and so happy I was able to pick up a few different beers from them. I really enjoy each can has how the beer was made, very unique. Score: 4.75/5.

Beer Review #78

Full Circle Brewing Co. JUICY New England IPA

Canned. ABV 6.6%

Appearance: Hazy, Mango Juice with half a finger of soapy head

Aroma: Zest, Mango, Tangerines, Oranges

Palate: Heavy orange peel, Tropical juices

Finish: Chalky, Zest and Alcohol burn

Experience: This beer was a revisit for me. I have had it in the past and it was a descent beer but I remembered something about it that didn’t overly impress me. Once I had it it was the finish. It left a lingering chalky (like Flintstone vitamins) and a alcohol burn even though it’s a low ABV beer for a New England IPA. It’s full of flavor but the finish is where it takes the excitement away for me. Score: 4/5.

Beer Review #73

Humble Sea Brewing Co. Double NorCal Meds Dank Hop Fused Foggy DIPA

Canned. No Date Recorded. ABV 8.1%

Appearance: Hazy, Juice, Half a finger of tight bubbles on the head

Aroma: Mango, Guava, Pineapple, Fruit Bowl, Slight Dank

Palate: Tropical, Grassy, Orange Peel

Finish: Sweet, Hoppy, Slight Dry

Experience: Humble Sea makes amazing, I mean amazing beers! This one was another banger for them. Even when you creep up the ABV percentage they know how to hide it. I love that they have their own take on a hazy IPA and call it a Foggy IPA to continue with their overall theme/marketing. And it works. A great tropical, grassy and dank DIPA. Score 4.75/5.

Beer Review #72

New Glory Craft Brewery Gummy Worms Chewy Pale Ale

Canned. Date Not Recorded. ABV 5.8%

Appearance: Straw, Hazy, Slight Carbonation, Finger width soapy head

Aroma: Candy, Tropical

Palate: Mango, Candy, Grassy, Orange Peel

Finish: Sweet, Slight Bitter

Experience: New Glory puts out some consistent beers and this pale ale packs a lot of flavor. The name stands true as it really reminded of eating gummy worms with light hints of a hazy IPA profile. Score: 4.5/5.