Brew Review #66


Sierra Nevada Cherry Chocolate Stout

Bottled. No Date. ABV 8.5%

Appearance: Black, Finger width head of root beer float head.

Aroma: Coffee

Palate: Cola, Cocoa Nibs, Cherry

Finish: Sweet, Dark Chocolate Bar, Hint of Coffee, Tart Cherry

Experience: Really looked forward to trying this beer. My boss surprised me with this beer. He picked it up in Chico. This was a really good beer that took me about an hour to finish because I savored every ship. This reminded me when I’m pairing red wine with chocolate and letting that chocolate sit and melt on my tongue (that was the flavor on the palate). Grade 5/5!

Brew Review #31


Modern Times Black House Coffee Roasty Stout 

Canned on 4/4/17 (Reviewed 7/27/17). ABV 5.8% IBUs 40

Color: Black, Cola, Three Finger Head

Smell: Coffee, Chocolate, Coco Nibs

Taste: Chocolate, Light Body, Espresso Beans, Coffee Ice Cream

Aftermath: Sweet, Cola, Coffee Bean, Espresso Bean

Experience: This is what I want a stout to taste like! Someone made a comment about me having a stout in summer. What is wrong with that? Stouts are not heavy. People see the all black beer and think it is heavy. It is not. IPAs can be heavier. This beer had such amazing flavors and got even better as a drank more and the temperature of the beer went up. Grade 5/5!!

Brew Review #30


Mad Duck Craft Brewing Co. Opulence Oatmeal Stout

Draft. ABV 5.7%

Color: Coffee, Not Black, Light

Smell: Coffee Notes, Light Cold Brew

Taste: Nutty, Coffee, Chocolate, Light Body

Aftermath: Coffee, Cola

Experience: Oatmeal stout? I remember I loved going to their first location with my wife when they first opened a couple minutes from the house. It was the first place we could find good beer on draft. One day they told us that they were making their own beer and asked if we wanted to try it. Of course, I said yes! Then I had and was not impressed. After a few years of still going to try different guest tap, they had opened a huge brew house by the University. That was cool to see them grow but still never went for their beer. While meeting my dad for lunch I really wanted to just try their beers but could not when I say the guest tap list (see previous reviews). I finally decided to try the stout. The body and color was so light for a stout but still had some good flavors. I feel like they could have so much more potential but they are missing something. Grade 3/5.

Brew Review #23


Knee Deep Brewing Co. Stoutella Chocolate Hazelnut Stout 

Bottled on 1/17/17. ABV 6% IBUs 40%

Color: Black, Finger Width Head, Soda Head

Smell: Hazelnut, Nutella

Taste: Soda, Light Body, Chocolate Wafers

Aftermath: Cholocate, Stick Lips

Experience: I have been craving a stout and I am glad I picked this one out. This reminded me of a chocolate wafer that I use to have at my grandmothers when I was a kid. I really enjoyed this beer and it is crazy the flavors that come out of a stout or even a porter. Grade 4.6/5.

Brew Review #4


Samuel Smith’s Organic Chocolate Stout 

Bottle with no date. ABV 5%

Color: Dark Brown, Cola, No Head

Smell: Cholocate, Cocoa Nibs, Chocolate Syrup (as it sat for awhile)

Taste: Light Cholocate (in front), More Coffee Upfront, Light Body, Carbonation

Aftermath: Sweet, Cherry Soda

Experience: Enjoyed this easy drinking stout. I would think of this more as a dessert beer that would be good with fruit, ice cream or paired with some more chocolate. Grade 3.6/5.