Brew to Beer

First off, thank you for following my blog! It has been awhile since I have posted and started my craft beer journey but things have been a little wild for me the last three years. I had my first kid, beautiful baby girl than two years later I had my second kid; a handsome little man. So things have been busy, a lot of adjustment and learning buuuutttt my craft beer adventure did not stop. Just my writing about it on this blog has taken a back seat. But I have kept records and will post some old and new reviews!

Also made some adjustments to the blog. Mainly changed it from Brew to Beer Reviews. Why? Well I only used Brew to describe the reviews because Brew was a joke word my buddies and I use to call beer (breskis, brehanas, brew brew, etc.) but I think it might have confused some people. So I’m here to help you out!

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Green Flash and More…


We got three new Green Flash beers in this week (and we get excited at work). I am a huge fan of Green Flash and was excited to try these beers with a few others I have been wanting to try.

Beer Tasted: 

Full Sail Session Premium Lager
ABV 5.1%
Notes: Not going to lie was a little nervous to try a lager. I don’t like most lighter beers like a lager, pilsner, etc. But this really blew my mind by the crisp refreshing taste. Great pool beer.

Green Flash GFB Blonde Ale
ABV 4.8% IBUs 15
Notes: We all thought this was a “Gluten Free Beer.” Ha. We were wrong and stands for something a little different. I totally agree that is a great f*^&ing beer. It reminded me of an 805 from Firestone Walker and those have gone down hill since they were first released.

Campanology Brewing Harmony Foretold Cucumber Wheat Ale
ABV 6%
Notes: We were excited to see how the cucumber would come out in this beer. It tastes just like a Blue Moon. Period.

Green Flash Passion Fruit Kicker
ABV 5.5% IBUs 5
Notes: Great refreshing beer with a lot of passion fruit flavor in the beginning but we wished it finished a little stronger with flavor.

Green Flash Tangerine Soul Style IPA
ABV 6.5% IBUs 75
Notes: Tangerine on the nose. More grapefruit across the body then tangerine. Really enjoyed this beer (I have had it before). A good go to beer. d

Misson Brewing Mandarin IPA (see review).

Using Resoures

IMG_4005As I am learning how to taste beer more and more I use different resources like books, different websites, and other beer reviews. I read about what to look for when beer tasting, I listen to how other people describe beers and if I am not sure about something, I look it up. My favorite way to learn is to sit down and try beers with other people and listen to what they see, smell, taste, etc.

It is crazy to think that beer tasting can be so much fun and this culture is so alive. I get so excited to talk to other people about new releases or beers I have tried. I have always enjoyed wine and we did wine tastings at work and I always enjoyed those days. Everyone sitting around talking about the wine and the food that was paired with it. Now, I have the opportunity to do the same just with beer and it is awesome to see people talk about the beer, what they like or don’t like and introduce people to great beer.

Check out the resource page for some great books, podcast, etc. Leave some feedback what resources you use to help with your beer knowledge.