Beer Review #76

Pizza Port Brewing Co. & El Segundo Brewing Company Rippin’ Bear IPA

Canned. Date canned on 4/29/21. ABV 7.2%

Appearance: Clear, Golden, Finger and a half width of soapy head

Aroma: Citrus, Slight Dank

Palate: Orange Peel, Floral, Pine

Finish: Hoppy, Dry

Experience: These two breweries did it! A good west coast IPA is hard for me to find or at least check off all the boxes for me. The smell, the mouthfeel and the finish was on point. In your face, chewing, hoppy, piney. Yes, yes, yes! Score: 5/5!

Beer Review #69

Coronado Brewing Co. & Karl Strauss Brewing Company Core Values West Coast IPA

Canned. Date Not Recorded. ABV 6.8%

Appearance: Slightly Hazy, Straw Colored, Bubbles, and a Finger and half-width of soapy bubbles on the head

Aroma: Sweetness, Dank, Mango, Pineapple, Tropical Fruit Bowl

Palate: Orange Peel, Slight Dank

Finish: Bitter, Slight Tartness

Experience: Both these breweries are well known in San Diego and constantly put out amazing beer. So when they team up I know I am going to get a good beer. And that is what I got! A well balanced tropical meets west coast IPA. I have noticed more and more of this style recently. Something new, unique and very enjoyable was the northwest apples used in this beer. Really helped give it a nice refreshing finish. When it gets hot out there, this is a great take on the west coast IPA that won’t wreck your palate and very crushable. Score: 4.5/5.