Beer Review #72

New Glory Craft Brewery Gummy Worms Chewy Pale Ale

Canned. Date Not Recorded. ABV 5.8%

Appearance: Straw, Hazy, Slight Carbonation, Finger width soapy head

Aroma: Candy, Tropical

Palate: Mango, Candy, Grassy, Orange Peel

Finish: Sweet, Slight Bitter

Experience: New Glory puts out some consistent beers and this pale ale packs a lot of flavor. The name stands true as it really reminded of eating gummy worms with light hints of a hazy IPA profile. Score: 4.5/5.

Brew Review #48


Against the Grain Brewery A Beer Extra American Pale Ale 

Canned. No Date. ABV 4.5%

Color: Amber, Hazy, Finger Width Head

Smell: Citrus, Lemon Peel

Taste: Crackers, Light Body

Aftermath: Smooth, Plain, Slight Stout Consistency, Citrus

Experience: Totale can buy! No date on can so I do not know how old this beer is which sucks because I can’t tell if the taste is from old beer or that is just what the beer tastes like. It is not a bad beer just not a lot going on. The nose is misleading vs. the taste of the beer. Easy drinking beer for the lake or pool. Grade 3.8/5.

Brew Review #44


Modern Times Oneida Hoppy Sessionable Pale Ale 

Canned on 6/9/17 (reviewed 8/9/17). ABV 5.8% IBUs 50

Color: Hazy, Gold, Finger Width Head

Smell: Slight Dank, Earthy (good)

Taste: Cirtus, Floral

Aftermath: Juicy, Smooth, Dry Mouth

Experience: The can says call me an IPA if you want. Ha. I give it the respect to call it a hoppy, sessionable, pale ale. Damn you Modern Times you have done it again with a great beer. I always look forward to having a new beer from this brewery. Great beer! Grade 5/5.

Brew Review #42


Clown Shoes Beer Baked Goods Hoppy Pale Ale

Canned 6/21/17 (reviewed 8/9/17). ABV 5.5% IBUs 50

Color: Hazy, Amber, Gold, Two Finger Head

Smell: Citrus, Sweet

Taste: Sweet, Pineapple, Light Body

Aftermath: Light Hops, Smooth, Pineapple Juice

Experience: I was excited when I saw hoppy pale ale. I have had much success with this style and I was excited to dive in. This pale ale was very refreshing. This was my second beer from them and really enjoyed this one more than the last one I had. I truly enjoy a hop style of pale ales because the malt backbone is so light to zero (I feel like). Grade 4.8/5.

Brew Review #38

IMG_4403 (1)

Lagunitas Pale Ale New DogTown 

Bottled. No Date. ABV 6.2%

Color: Amber, Carbonated, Half Finger Head

Smell: Malt, Apple Juice

Taste: Crisp, Cracker, Slight Malt, Bitter

Aftermath: Sweet, Slight Dryness

Experience: This is a really good easy drinking pale ale. Wish there was little more hops to taste but I think that is because I compare all my pale ales to Sierra Nevada which is more hop forward. Again, a really smooth beer that I could drink any day of the week (and all six beers). Drinks very light for a 6.2% and is perfect for this heat! Kept getting a spiced smooth apple juice taste which I enjoyed. This is a great balanced beer. Grade 4.6/5.